Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March Madness Bracket Challenge

As a quick update on our Making Difference Makers Bracket Challenge I'm here to let you know as of tonight we have 18 entries. I'm pumped about it. I got some great friends on board all of which are going to...and I'm sorry to say it....GO DOWN.

Why? Simple...I picked the best bracket.

Join our group (ours is public so there is no password) and all you have to do to play is enter your final bracket picks by tip-off of the first game on Thursday, March 20.

Here are some of the pastor bloggers already on board:

Randy Reed
Terrace Crawford
David Turner
Youth Pastor Adam
Chris Day
Jeremy Mathis
Charles Alkula
Dave Holt
Matt McKee
Gary Priddy
Tyler Madison

There are a few others on there that I don't have links to. Don't forget this Thursday starts the action so join in and get your picks selected.

Click [HERE] to join the action.

1 comment:

Chris Day said...

I so have the best bracket. Sorry Jason. You lost when I signed on.