Sunday, February 10, 2008

Developing A Preaching Calendar Part 7

Now that you have your calender scheduled it is important to create momentum before you go into your major events. Whether it is launching a new series or a stand-alone holiday series, the weeks leading up to that event should targeted on your schedule to create momentum.

Plan Back From Your Message/Series
Make sure as you are scheduling you add in announcement time, marketing time, tie-in events, web events and messages devoted to the up-coming messages. In fact, include anything you can think of that could possibly garner you momentum.

If you plan to teach in series, the week leading up to, as well as each message, should be slowly inching you forward as a locomotive until you are reaching a critical mass. Maybe series aren't for you but you plan some certain message events around major holidays. The same steps could be taken in each.

Use Momentum to Reach the Lost
Why do we need momentum? A growing church is a church that is alive. It is one that, I believe, is adding new believers. Momentum is what can keep people as well as attract people. Momentum, as it is built, will spread like a wildfire.

A Breakdown of the Process
Let me break it down with a series. Let's say you planned a new series to begin on Easter. Since Easter is one of the most attended weekends for a church you are going to target a series that is evangelistic. Let's call our series Renovate - Rebuilding Our View Of Life. We'll go for five weeks and our whole series will be geared around Romans 12:1-2. For Easter day we are going to start out with message called "A New Plan". This message will tie in strongly with what Christ did for us and will set the stage for the series by leading in with the new plan God began with Jesus dying on the cross for us.

This is where you have to begin to get disciplined in your planning. Set a goal with your lead team on the impact you would like to happen and then get your whole congregation on board to reach the goal through prayer and action. Three months out you should have all your details lined out for the series with your momentum plan. One to two months out you should have graphics and marketing materials finished and ready to send to print. Three weeks out you could have a video announcement series graphic made leading up to the series. Three to four weeks out you should start in-church bulletins on the series as well as get promo materials into the hands of every member to begin handing out. Three weeks out a whole message could be developed on reaching out. During the week leading up to Easter you could plan an outreach community event and develop a stage set designed for the series. The first day of the series really emphasis to everyone to come back next week as you continue. Even get more promo materials.

The Results
Can I just tell you that if you were to plan and go all out like this there is not way for you to "not" see any results. If you can get your people behind your marketing you will begin to see unchurched people come through your doors. Stack this on top of doing another series, and then other series and you can see that momentum begin to build and build and build.

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