Thursday, January 03, 2008

Spread The Love

Before you start thinking that this is only a youth ministry blog...let me assure you that the purpose of Making Difference Makers is about developing and influencing others to make a difference in their world.

Since I am a pastor this may lean more to the church ministry side. This series, Triple Your Youth Ministry really is about leaving something behind for all the youth pastors out there.

I know there are many youth pastors out there that have a dream about making some maximum kingdom impact. If you have a youth ministry blog or are a pastor...please feel free to give this series a link in your blog.

Here is the link for the whole series:

Whether you feel it is for you or not it may help someone out there reach this next generation.

Spread the link love.

Much thanks to Terrace for spreading the word already. If you are a youth pastor out there...make sure to check out his blog.

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