Sunday, November 11, 2007

Silence Please

Folks, I'm silencing the voices. I've decided that hearing from God is the most important thing I need to do now.

I deleted over 20 subscriptions from my Google Reader. I'm going to spend time this month reading through the Book of John. After that I have thoughts of going through the Book of Acts. I really like the idea of journaling here.

I'm going to slim down my extra curricular reading as well. Except for the ones for our pastor round table I'm going to shoot for none extra.

My blog may be a little more for me for a time. By that I mean lately I have been incessant about blogging for the world. I want to take a little time for it to for me. For it to be about my thoughts for me. That almost sounds selfish. Maybe you will get a glimpse of my inner thoughts.

I'm also really examining what God wants for me right now. Over the past year my family has been burned by church way more than it should. I am sick of prideful people only thinking about themselves. I have seen way more of my share of pride in the pulpit. I have spent so many years helping others to fulfill their dreams only to be stabbed in the back by some along the way.

Honestly, I feel God is taking me in the direction of the dreams He has for my family. My dreams have always been about helping others fulfill their dreams, but now it is going to be on different terms. I'm ready now for God to flow through me into the lives of others.

So it is getting back to basics. I'm going to shut my eyes and really zoom in on the vision God has burning on the inside of me. I'm going to listen to the Spirit as He reveals the next steps in the journey He has me on.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting on your silence post. Just want to say, I know Father will continue to reveal himself to you. May he continue to bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,

This is Chris (ChurchOfGrace)
Any book of the Bible is a great because it is all relevant, but the gospel of John is especially refreshing. I have been reading from it every week for the past 14 months. I also preach a message from it every single week.