Saturday, November 17, 2007

Journey Through John Day #10 (John 10)

Read - John 10

My Key Verse - John 10:10 A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.

My Reflection - I want to focus on that second part. Jesus came to rescue us from an ordinary and plain existence. I love this verse and it is one that is quoted by people all the time. This ties in so much to the purpose Jesus had. He came to seek and save that which is lost so that they can have real and eternal life. A life that is better than we can ever dream of.

Most people have have a thought and idea of what they believe life should be like. They also believe that if they choose to follow Christ they will lose out on this. God comes to enhance life. To give us a better life than we can ever even think is possible.

My Prayer - Lord in every way, help me to start living the better life you have for me. Help me to not be satified with where I am but strive to go and be where and what you desire for my life.

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