Friday, November 16, 2007

From The Mind Of My Students

Just wanted to give everyone a glimpse into the mind of one of my students. This poem is written by Alejandro Gilberto Salinas.


So far I'm living ambivalent with my time,
never being arrogant sharing all that is mine.

Until there's nothing left to give,
Always keeping an open mind.

From being on the grind,
now willing to leave it all behind.

It takes time in explaining this life that we're living.
Pay attention and listen, and catch glimpse of my vision.

Decisions made from anticipation, our fate can change.
If it isn't too late we can break away from this place.

My mentality is changing I'm starting to turn the page,
but all this tragedy and pressure is bringing insane rage.

Wanting me to make pain, maybe I'll end up in a cage.
Maybe I'll quit all of this nonsense and learn another way,
and concentrate and focus on causing the world to change.


Anonymous said...

wow this is an amazing and inspiring poem, ---ritaa

Eric said...

Thank you for sharing, I relly like your work

Eric A~

Jefferson City, Missouri

Larry said...

Alejandro, I love your heart and spirit! I know another man that could say "never being arrogant sharing all that is mine. until there's nothing left to give," . Alejandro Jesus has the same attitude, He is not arrogant and he has shared all that he had giving all he had even laying down to his life on a cross at Calvary. You see Alejandro, God made us that we might enjoy living in a sweet loving relationship with Him. Then we goofed big time! Turning our backs on God, doing things that hurt God and us, the things that cause "all this tragedy and pressure" which "brings us insane rage" ( aka sin), things that separate us from God. Oh but Alejandro God still loves us so much that He "is concentrate and focus on causing the world to change". That is why Jesus died for us bro! To make that change! You see the sin that we do not only separates us from God, but it also has a high price to pay, that price is death physically and spiritually ( totally removed from God’s presence). But God loved us so much that he paid the price for our sin by allowing / sending His Son Jesus to die in our place. Not only that but Jesus completely defeated death by coming back to life again in three days never more to die and because He came back to life we to will come back to life again if we place our trust in him. then we can live forever with the God who loves us beyond what we can imagine. Alejandro God loves you soooooo much but He will not force you into a relationship, you must come willingly to Him, Tell Him you are sorry for turning you back on Him and doing things to hurt Him, tell him you except His forgiveness and except Him making payment for your sin, through the blood of Jesus, that you want him to be lord of your life and that YOU REALLY ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO SPENDING FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR WITH HIM as you friend and lover. Then if you want to "Make a change", give the world this message and you will radically change lives.

Love in Christ

Anonymous said...

Hey great work! I love to write poetry myself and this was really deep and moving!

Anonymous said...

You have captured how many of your generation feel. Life can be difficult but your right it is never to late to change. I encourage you to keep writing and put your thoughts down. I believe you can change the world around you. You have already started with the words you write.