Thursday, October 25, 2007

Walking on Water

Don't know if any of you are like me out's like you got a lot crammed up in your mind and you don't know how to sort and sift it...where to start...or just go into mind shutdown.

For years I have had so much vision and passion shut up inside of me. For many, many years I have submitted myself to help others achieve the dreams God had called them to.

I almost think that part of my sabotage is part due to a passion of wanting to do more for God but having a fear of stepping out. Honestly, do you ever feel like you want to step all the way out there with parachute or ship to get you home...but the moment you step out there, it kind of overwhelms you? I think I know how Peter felt out there on the water.

It's funny...I often thought that I would have strolled all the way over to Jesus. But being out on the water is a territory we are not used. It is an arena we are not physically capable of being in.

It's easy to "say" just keep your eyes on God and not on the waves. But truth is...the waves of life sometimes get to us, right???

How are you walking on water today?

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