Monday, October 08, 2007

Possible Interview

The other day I told everyone here I had a possible interview. How that worked out was interesting.

I have been subbing as most of you know if you read here consistently. The person I have been subbing for had quit two weeks ago and they were looking for a replacement.

My thought...since I was going to sub all year I would throw my name in the hat. It was at the Middle School for an Outdoor Education class. The guy who quit was also a football and basketball coach at the middle school.

Last week they called and said to come interview today. Well about 15 minutes before the interview they called to tell me they had found someone to fill the position.'s all good because it was just something that crossed my path. I don't actually have my teaching certificate so that was why I wasn't considered...I was just a last choice if they couldn't find someone.

Again all good...the coaching schedule part of it might have been much. Tyler...I really don't know how you do it.

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