Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Daily Thoughts

My three week assignment as a temporary teacher comes to a close this Friday. Beginning again next week I'll be on a day to day rotation.

I've been brainstorming and thinking about a lot of things this week and have some great ideas I may share here.

I've also been contemplating a new video series on some leadership laws (not the 21) that every pastor/department head should embody.

I'm also up in the teaching rotation in two weeks and have been thinking on two different lines of thoughts...

Which one would you like to hear about?

1. Finding Your Passion
2. Stopping Sabotage in your Life

1 comment:

Dawn Givan said...

Stopping Sabotage in your Life. We all have things that seem to come and sabotage our lives, our days, our thoughts. It would be great to have a firm foundation to stand on when Satan comes against us to take captive every thought.