Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Day

Don't tell anyone but I had a great day subbing today. The teacher I subbed for has a student teacher who taught in her place while she was out. So throughout the day I was able to write down a lot of my thoughts for the Sunday message called "Making Disciples".

This is something that is so close to is my ultimate purpose in life and why I do ministry. I have really taken it to heart in ministry and over so many years have geared what we did in our ministries to accomplish this. Some churches want a certain "type" of person. And they will push them out if they don't fit their "mold". We have always been the type that want to love the unlovable, want the unwantable, and reach the unreachable.

We want to be people that don't see through people but see them through.

I wrote down a definition today of what I see church should be. I'm playing with it so it is going to be tweaked but here is version one:
Create relevant environments to connect people where they are with the life flowing power of Jesus Christ and to enable people as connectors to partner with the Holy Spirit in the process of following God's command to make disciples.
Whew...that's a mouthful, but in a nut shell, is what I see.

Thoughts???? Good or bad welcome.

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