Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sunday Morning Planning Part 4

If you have stumbled along my blog today I have been in a series of posts on Sunday Morning Planning.

Yesterday I posted about having a yearly calendar.

Today I am going to elaborate a little more.

Once I have my yearly calendar in place, I will then begin to focus in on each series that is coming up.

In the past when I was about 5 or 6 weeks out (I really want to take this to 9 or 10 weeks out) I would take that up coming series and break down what I feel God would want to say in it.

I like to communicate in a series giving only one point per message. Most of the time I have seen Pastors try to overload their message with so much good stuff that it only shuts down people's mind. Less is more and when you communicate on one point you can really dig in and make your point. Dave Ferguson really elaborates on this point in his book The BIG IDEA.

About 5 to 6 weeks our I would create a series synopsis with big ideas, graphics, video teasers, and other ideas for the series. You can look at one of my past series synopsis' here.

Again this whole process is bathed in prayer and worked on mostly and hopefully in teams. We are relying completely on the Holy Spirit to enlighten our way. Once the series synopsis is completed we will be able to laser focus in on each message with our team putting all our resources together.

In the next two days, I will finish out this planning series with the four weeks out from the date of speaking up to the day of speaking.

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