Thursday, August 02, 2007

Somewhere In There Is Content

So far this week in all of the other things I have been posting I have talked about improving your blogging.

If you are a blogger out there and are trying to build up your "brand", there are a couple of things you could be doing.

Now I'm sure there are plenty others and that there are shortcuts to getting there faster, but these are from my experience and would play across the board no matter which way you look at it.

Third tip has to deal with content. Yeah, I got to be kidding coming from you. I blog very A.D.D. It makes sense in my mind. I can blog about one thing...then kick off in three or four different directions and come back like I haven't missed a beat. I only hope you can read like that.

Now remember I blog for a couple of purposes. What that means is this blog may at times go all over the place.

But somewhere in there you have got to bring content. You have got to be consistent in bringing that content. Remember, being consistent with great content can help you as you continue to build your blogging base.

So my three tips in building your blogging base:

1. Be Consistent
2. Contribute To Other Bloggers
3. Bring Content

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