Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Be Consistent In Your Blog

For the next few days or posts I want to talk about blogging.

One tip I can give to bloggers in the blog world as they are building up their "brand" is to be consistent. Especially in the beginning.

In my earliest days in the blogosphere I was new and knew nothing. I just typed up a little info because I moved and wanted a way for friends to keep up.

About eight months into my adventure I realized I liked it and was going to get really serious. So I began posting consistently.

Many people are searching for blogs to read. We live in an information society. As people find you they are looking for consistency. If you only post once a week or longer, you may find that people drop you quickly. Unless you are some pretty famous personality. But if you are like the rest of the 95% of the world, "the not so famous", you will need to give some consistent content.

So go ahead. Set a goal. Post at least once a day. Maybe even more. I once posted ten times in one day. Of course post ten times ever day and it may backfire.

So go out there and be consistent. Look for some more blog tips coming soon...oops...I mean consistently.

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