Monday, July 02, 2007

Multi-Site and Andy Stanley Part 2

This post continues in response to a post by Michael called Question for Andy Stanley.

To get caught up in the conversation view Multi-Site and Andy Stanley Part 1.

3. I really like the thought of multi-site but don't like the thought of everything being built around my personality. That doesn't mean I wouldn't or couldn't lead. But I feel different people reach a different type of person. That is why I don't like the video venue's. Don't get me wrong there can be a place for it. Sometimes a video could go out to start a series and then in the following message the campus pastors could teach.

I also know there are some great pastors in those multi-site who are just that great pastors but are not teachers and so the video has a place there. But not a video venue for the sake of myself being the main speaker everywhere.

That is why it is important to build strong teams at each site utilizing everyone's gifts, strengths and talents.

4. My main view of multi-site is to establish a main location in a city hub. This main location would then feed the other sites which would probably be in smaller locations. The main location could provide the stability to handle a larger staff that would bring the creativity and technology demands to the smaller sites. They could produce the video productions as well as graphic designs and production value needed that a smaller site can't handle. This would free up the smaller site to do what they could really do best. Love and care for people.

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