Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Major Changes Part 2

As some know already, I turned in my resignation from the Church I was working at. I am now in the process of hunting for a job. This is interesting because I have only looked for a secular job once in 14 years of ministry experience.

The first time was when I left Kingsville, TX in 2001. I left there with no job prospect and we decided to stay in the Victoria Texas area with no prospect of working at a Church. We stayed there after a meeting with the Pastor at Faith Family Church, Jim Graff, who met with me and asked me to stay and train there. Within about two months a position opened up in their school and so we worked there for 5 years.

We have some potential ministry opportunities that we are looking into as well.

Be in prayer as we move into this phase of our life.

There are more Major Changes coming and I hope to update you as quickly as possible.

1 comment:

Blake said...

It's gotta be a wild time in your life right now. Trusting God to continue to direct your way is the only thing that would keep me sane in that sort of time...and I've been there before.

Will be praying.