Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I-Tunes Shuffle

Got tagged by Chris. This sometimes is a great way to get to know a person. And doing this one for a buddy of mine is cool. Make sure you check out his blog.

His tag was for me to pull off the top ten songs that come up in I-Tunes if I hit shuffle.

Here they be.

Unify by Hillsong United
Run by Kutless
King of Glory by Third Day
Somewhere in the Sky by Kutless
Draw Me Closer by Hillsong United
Ammunition by Switchfoot
Track 2 off my beats cd...only beats no words
Beyound The Surface by Kutless
Now It Moves by Salvador
Always A Whisper by Salvador

One of my favorites that wasn't in the top 10 but was at number 15 was From The Inside Out by United.

There you to Tyler, Joel, Matt, David, and Gina. Tell me what your 10 tens songs in your itunes if you do a party shuffle.


david rudd said...

my answers here

Joel said...

Sorry, I don't shuffle :( Thanks for thinking of me though (If I were the "Joel" you were talking about).