Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Consistent Posting

Blogging is about being consistent no matter which method you choose.

I say that because I was looking at all my posts today and was thinking...hmmm...(that was me thinking)...I was thinking that it was a pretty random day.

You know what I mean. A lot of posts with a lot of random things. Don't know if that is a picture of my mind or what.

But for me it's ok. I feel as a blogger you to develop a rhythm. And to do that you have to post consistently. For me that means sometimes several times a day.

I have learned that as I post out comes some nuggets that are keepers.

I'm really not the long one time a day blogger like some other guys I know. I kind of have a shotgun approach and hope that one of those little bb's hits ya.

For you if you are new to blogging or haven't done it. Figure out what works for you and above all be consistent. As you are consistent you will find that your creativity will flow out of it.

And with that...I'm out...who knows I may even post again today...there's still time.

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