Sunday, April 15, 2007

Too Busy For Eternity

Eternity is too forever to not have your teen there.

I thought I would write some thoughts about teens and parents which are below about a video I watched about a world class violinist that plays for 45 minutes in a subway where 1100 people just walk right by. I probably would have been one of them. This violinist plays a $3.5 million dollar Stativarious.

I read about this first at Len Evans Blog. Look for "Ignored Beauty".

Then I read Tony Morgan's take.

I watched the video. Here it is:

The original article with great video is called "Pearls Before Breakfast"

So here are my thoughts:

* How many students and parents are so busy in life that they walk right by youth pastors all over our nation who are pouring out their hearts in an effort to reach the teens of our country?
* How many teens sit in youth meetings so absorbed in their problems or temporary desires not to realize the heart that is being poured out for them?
* How many teens and parents miss the opportunity of life changing messages that have been labored and prayed over?
* How many hours by volunteers who labor for free to give teens a better life are missed on a weekly basis?
* How many tears are poured out for teens that go unnoticed by parents and teens who are just too busy?
* How many youth pastors work enormous hours on a weekend planning an event to inspire teens only to have a handful of those teens show up?
* How many teens and parents practically slap their youth pastors in their face with the level of commitment they show to someone working so hard to partner with them for their child's eternity?

Listen to me: If you are a parent reading this, you need to have your teen in your churches youth ministry. You need to pray and support your youth pastor. They are more than a baby sitter. They are standing in the gap for your teen and thousands and millions across this country.

Is being busy worth it? Is that latest tv show worth it? Is your child's eternity worth it?

If your child was a diabetic would you be just as lazy with their medicine as you are with their eternity?

When are parents going to rise up and realize that eternity is going to be forever and your child's destiny is more precious.

Does "American Idol" get your child any closer to eternity? Is "Lost" going to help them find their way into eternity? Is Clark from "Smallville" going to save them? (BTW...How ironic is that name anyway...American Idol)

Quit walking by and get involved. Volunteer. Pray. Give Financial Support. Take care of you youth pastor. And by all means MAKE...yeah that's right, I said...MAKE YOUR TEEN GO.

Don't accept some wimpy, "I don't feel like it."

Don't let them talk you into going "next week".

Eternity is NOW!!!


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome message Jay, I pray that the parents and teens read it and APPLY IT!
Thanks for sharing your heart.

Shannon Garza

Sensei Tommy Lee said...

I have been having a blast with Elevate and seeing the enterest the group has.I beleive we are going to see a change in attendance and more leaders stepping up.Souls are waiting for a God who saves and Elevate is going to do the right thing before there God.Getting crazy excited and geeting out of the comfort zone for Jesus, And turn up the heat+++