Friday, April 13, 2007

Rally Music Set

One Word...


Or is that two...maybe one and a half.

What I'm talking about was our sound run through for our Elevation Rally tomorrow.

Here is the skinny:

1 Acoustic Guitar, 3 Electric Guitars, 1 Bass, 1 Drummer, 3 Singers.

Almost felt like United Live with all those guitars tonight.

It was a very full, thick sound. One problem sound tech. You should have seen me scrambling back and forth from stage to booth to stage to booth trying to sing and fix the sound.

The band sounded so awesome.

It sounded so good with a full team.

Here is the rundown on songs:

1. Living For You - Gateway Worship
2. What The World Will Never Take - United
3. Evermore - United
4. From The Inside Out - United
5. You're My Everything - Pocket Full of Rocks
6. Everything - Lifehouse
7. Shout Unto God - United

BTW - We like United. Can you tell???

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