Monday, April 02, 2007

Building A Church Website

Websites are always evolving. In fact you church website should not be there tomorrow. What that means is it should always be evolving. Want people to come back often then it demands change.

Here are the main things you want to focus on the front home page.

Even though you need drop down menus with these items on it, you want to make it easy entry to a new guest that is checking you out. Some of these items you may have and others you will have over time. You really need to think from an outside in point of view.

1) I’m New – This would redirect to a page that would give a new person the basics of what they need to see to get an idea of who you are as a church with the top hot points…time and directions, children’s area’s, etc…
2) Times and Directions
3) Link to current Message Series with graphic
4) Link to your Church Story
5) Podcast Link

Cory Miller at has a great series called Building Rockin’ Cool Church Websites.
Go check out what he has to say.

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