Thursday, February 15, 2007

Out of Commision

I've been off the scene for about two days because I came down with the flu. It hit me hard. Either that or I'm just older now and can't recover as fast. First time in 12 years that I missed preaching. You know it's that bad if I missed that.

My buddy Juno though stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park though. He ran our meeting last night and did a fabulous job with all our team.

That is the great thing about doing ministry as a team. If you work and develop your team in all aspects of what you do. If an emergency comes up they can step in with no problem and not miss a beat.

One of the things that I do is give them opportunities to shine on days that I am there and let our team run things so that they are already used to the pressure of the whole night. Then if I'm not there they don't totally freak out.

I mixed the podcast today and the meeting sounded like it went great.

Hats off and great job to the team at Elevate.

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