Monday, February 12, 2007

Help With Video Series

I need your help. With my first video series, Developing Yourself As A Leader, completed. I am working on the next series. The theme will be "Developing Your Team".

Here is where I need some help out there in the blogosphere.
  • What do you feel would be some good topics for this five week series?
  • What areas do you need help with in developing your team?
  • What would you teach someone else?
I am really looking for a little open source development for this series and would love your input.

You can easily leave me a comment or email me at

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Sensei Tommy Lee said...

1)I think one of the most overlooked subject is Sin, my experiences in group activities is alway's the underlying justification of Sin.
2)In my outreach program I need evangelists, I currently have 7 adult parents who sit waiting for there children. Perfect opportunity for ministry.
3)The main concept for me today, is people aren't focusing on God on a consistent basis,much less applying there God given gifts.
Sorry not much detail only had a minute for thought's+++