Monday, January 01, 2007

Possess Your Land

A future you is in your hands. Why do I say that? Because it is true.

The life you want and live really is in your hands. You see I believe this one thing about all of us: God has blessed us beyond all our comprehensions.

All Gods promises are ours but why are we not walking in them.

Is it for lack of faith? Maybe.

Is it for lack of want? Sometimes.

Is it for a lack of God? Never...not even.

God's promises are yes and amen. A life greater than we could ever dream or ask of is there for the taking. And that is my point. God has given us our promise land but just like the Israelites we need to go in and possess it.

It is there for our taking and that takes some action on our part. That is why in 2007 I want to help you develop a life plan that will get you on track to the life you want and dream for. This life plan will breakdown several areas of our lives and help us develop a strategic plan for us to go and possess the land God has given us.

In order to start it will take some action on your part and I hope that you are willing and able and up to the game. Most of us develop resolutions every year but this year I want you to develop a strategic action plan that will help you acheive the life destined for you.

Over the next few weeks I will help you develop a life plan that will first consist of developing your life purpose statement. We will then develop values, mission statements and goals for every area of our life. Finally we will write a five year vision statement of our lives.

Begin with me in 2007 as we all go and possess our land.

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