Sunday, February 25, 2007

Create An Experience

Great thought today about creating an experience. One of the things I have been thinking about most in our ministry is the thought of making our meeting an experience.

The things that stands out most in my life were great experiences. What is the thing you are doing this week that is going to make going to church an experience for someone?

I hear what your saying. Church should be about the basics. Coming and singing and hearing the word. And you know I agree. But what are you doing to create a memorable experience that correlates with your message. Something that will create a memory.

For example this past week I bashed this decorative block while I had a great looking vase next to it. I talked about how in life we often are marking our lives with junk creating a broken life and then asking God to fix it when we get older. But that instead we should be working on marking our lives with God encounters that create a work of beauty.

This is creating the experience versus just delivering a message. It is enacting the other senses to create a more memorable experience.

Think about how you can create an experience out of your meeting.

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