Sunday, February 25, 2007

Create An Experience Part 2

In light of my previous post "Create An Experience", Matt Card had a great post called, "So how valuable is the experience, anyway?"

Matt discusses how Universal Studios invests millions of dollars to create the experience they want their visitors to get. They spend it to get every detail right.

Here is a little excerpt from the article that I thought was a great point:
What about you? What is the return you are looking for with your audience? Knowing many of my readers - that return isn't financial - it's something far more valuable.

How important to you is it to get that return? How important is it to create environments that let people connect? To connect in a way that encourages them to invest something far more precious than money?

So, I pose the question again: How valuable is the experience, anyway?
Now the return Universal is looking for is the billions of dollars that consumers will invest in their product.

What is the return that we are looking for? I believe that return is in changed lives. Creating an experience in our ministry is an essential part of creating a memorable experience that brings change. We are tying to connect in a way that encourages them to invest their lives in a God who died to rescue them.

***Side Note: In his post he talks about how Disney has to weigh their money. WOW!!! They make so much they have to weigh it because it is to much to count. INSANE!!!! It is amazing that we pay that much for the Disney experience.

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