Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Short Supply of Leaders

Great Post at Leadership Now on why leaders are in short supply.

Two reasons were given: First, organizations desire leaders but structure themselves in ways that kill leadership. Second, our understanding of leadership is blinkered.

These are two great points to ponder especially in ministry. More often than not churches are not growing or the lack of growth is tied to leadership.

Often times churches fall into the trap of leadership by position. This is true from Sr. Pastors to staff positions. Churches are sometimes led by pastors who do not encourage team creativity that could produce a greater organization. They often fall into a trap of hiring a staff to get the job done of what "they" (the sr. pastor) want. This is even true of staff who recruit volunteers to just do the menial details of the department.

I read a post a couple of weeks ago and cannot find it that talked a little about this. Often times churches are priding themselves on developing leaders when all they are really doing when staffing is hiring from the outside. True leadership development can happen from the inside when an intentional and strategic plan is put in action.

Create a plan of leadership development from the top down. Many effective and growing churches are utilize a total team approach to ministry. Don't get me wrong I believe there has to be someone at the top of the organzization that is driving the processes and systems. What I also beleive is that in a true team environment more is acheived. Team Environments Acheive More!!!

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Sensei Tommy Lee said...

As Vice President in a company I have found a wealth of talent just waiting to be developed. I am really resolved when all work for the achievment of every one,through the pressures and at times confusion of growth,it is trully amazing when good prevailes.
Good post+++