Monday, January 08, 2007

A Second Milestone Coming Closer

Well, I am coming up on a second milestone pretty quickly. Blog number 200 is getting close.

Blogging fits my D/C personality perfectly. I actually love to write and mostly think my thoughts come out clearer on paper or computer screen. Originally I starting blogging in March of 2006 because a friend of mine, Jeff Allred, who pastors in Oklahoma, visited and told me about his. Since at that time I knew I was switching positions I thought it would be a great way to keep people abreast of what I was doing.

Fast forward to October and I caught the blogging bug. Since then it has opened up a whole realm of possibilities. I am now taking advantage of many opportunities the Internet has to offer. We now podcast, blog, and have created a weekly leadership video series on youtube.

Right now I feel we are just touching the surface on the possibilities that are out there. It is my desire to create something that can help others make a difference in their lives. Watch and see how we evolve over 2007.

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