Friday, December 08, 2006

Youth Ministry Help

I need some help by any youth pastors, youth directors, or youth leaders.

I am trying to find out the percentage of youth attendance to the sunday morning attendance on churches nationwide. For example if the sunday morning attendance is 500 and your youth ministry runs 50 on its meeting then your percentage is 10%

If you don't want to provide all the numbers that is ok. I mainly need #1 but the other info would be great. Email it to Jason Curlee...

1. Percentage of youth attendance to the sunday morning attendance.

2. Sunday Morning Attendance Avg.

3. Youth Meeting Attendance Avg.

If you know of any youth ministry leaders that you could send my way to help me I would appreciate it.

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Joshua Griffin said...

I would say in my previous experience, maybe 20%? We would have 30 JH/HS and 300 people at the church for Sunday AM services.