Friday, December 15, 2006

Being Held Hostage

This morning after I got to work I received a phone call from my wife and she was in a state of panic. "I'm Being Held Hostage!" was what she kept telling me and that I had to come home.

For the past week we have been on a mission to catch a new visitor to our home, a mouse. Well this morning it made an appearance. My wife opened a cabinet and it busted loose. It startled my wife and made a run for it. So she calls me on the phone to get home and find it.

This really got me thinking today. How many times in our life are we holding ourselves hostage to the potential God has for us? Think about that. We hear all the time that God wants to bless us and that He has set us free. But sometimes it sure doesn't feel like it, right? Maybe it is a habit you need to break. Or you feel like your trapped in a relationship and even though you want to get out you keep coming back to the same situation. Or maybe you have heard this before, "Well God is going to keep bringing you back to the same situation till you get it right." (Is that even really a Biblical Principle? Isn't God taking us from glory to glory?)

Some of the smallest things can hold us hostage. In fact, the bible says that "it's the little foxes that ruin the vineyard." The vineyard could be our life and the little foxes could be our current mindsets. God wants us to reach our fullest potential and for us to get from our present to that potential we got to cross a land called chaos.

Our mind craves normality. It resists and does not like change. Even when normal doesn't look like normal it is still normal to the mind. This is why people who are trapped in hurtful and damaging relationships sometimes only end up in other hurful or damaging relationships. It is because to the mind that is normal.

For us to move on we must transform our thinking as Romans 12:1-2 tells us. We must create new thought patterns and close the door on those things that are holding us hostage. Part of that process is happening right now just by realizing what is holding you back. So begin creating a new order. Set out a few traps and catch that mouse...or those small things that may be holding you back.

What if you could acheive all that God created you to be? What would your world look like if you reached your full potential? Go ahead and go for it.

Oh by the way...I caught that little sucker tonight...No more surprise calls...I hope!!!

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Sensei Tommy Lee said...

I want a mouse free life.