Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stalk Wars

Nope that's not a mispell...I wrote it...STALK WARS...Apparently I'm now being stalked...Do a guy a favor and what happens? I thought this guy was feeling a little lonely so I would send him a little email to pep up his spirits and now...STALKED...

What's will I do? Erik Bramlet, Eric's Eddyfications, from Community Christian Church, has put the word out on me...where can I's not like I can just stop writing my blog and crawl back into a hole in life. I could change my whole blog and...aghhh...the thoughts....

Maybe I can call the CIA or the Secret Service...I have a few friends in low places that I still know. They might even drive all the way up to Naperville, Illinios, if the price is right. What's a guy to do???????????

I got it...retaliation....everyone, if you are reading this...if there is a single breath in your living soul, you need to go to Eric's Eddyfications and leave a comment on his blog's...tell him I sent ya...Tell Him THE WAR is on.

The Stalk War Begins

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