Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Full Experience

So I'm sitting in the drive-through lane explaining to my wife why I want to go in to Chick-fil-a. I don't want to go through the drive-through cause I'm not going to get the full experience. I eat partly for the experience, the taste.

When I go inside I get to put ketchup on my fries. I get to add salt and pepper. I get to enjoy my meal. But no...she has to make me go through the drive through. She gets to enjoy her meal, dip her chicken in Polynesian sauce, and sip real slow on her diet coke. While I have to juggle traffic, fries, chicken burger, coke...hey you want to stop honking at me I'm doing the best I can...oh yeah, your number 1 too...Just Kidding y'all...I did have to juggle all that though.

How many times in our life are we juggling everything and God kinda becomes just a small piece of what we are doing. Neither Him nor us get the full life experience that each of us has to offer. Many times we are just leading an ordinary life...going through the motions. But God died to rescue us from all of that. He died so that we can have a better life than we ever dreamed could be possible. So go for the full experience with God.

BTW...I didn't get any ketchup, no salt or any mustard in the bag. It was definitely not the experience I was looking for...I will get my wife back for that.

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