Friday, November 03, 2006

Doing A 5th Quarter

Our latest 5th quarter is tonight for our youth ministry Elevate...for those that have never done one and are interested in what we do, the format is pretty simple. There are many ways to do it, here is ours:

We give out free food (tonight we are doing sausage in bbq sauce & pizza and giving out free lemonade), turn on all our video games and Playstations (If you don't have any buy a couple.), and we have a concert (we are having a rap group called Jabez Entertainment come...they are great). Then we open up our coffee shop and sell coffee/drinks...

We do all this from 10-12 and it has gone great...

On purpose I don't try to make it so in your face Christian...I am just trying to get kids in to our facility and see Church from a different light.

Oh yeah...we promote, promote, bulletin, our youth bulletin, announcements and lots & lots of flyers.

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