Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tonights Service

Tonight we had a full band...first time in a while and it was totally rockin'. Two electric guitars, one acoustic, bass player, drummer, keyboard, and it was so good...We even went a little free flowing with our worship after our 4th song...the team did an excellent job...they rode the waves of worship tonight. Definitely the best worship service we have had since I have been here.

We concluded our series with a great sermon called A Life Well Lived...this series has been good for me. Good one because it has really got me thinking about never wanting to be ordinary anymore...even as a Pastor sometimes we get in a rut just like everyone else. Even though we are doing something for God we can still go through the motions. I don't want that to happen for my wife and I. I want our lives to be significant. I want what we do to be significant. I want everything we do to show that we are living a life that has been Rescued From The Ordinary.

John 10:10 says a better life than you've ever dreamed. Let my life be so beyond the ordinary that it just emanates Christ.

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