Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Ministry of "Auto Mode"

Last night, I watched "Click" starring Adam Sandler. I don't often watch movies with him but I was interested in this movie. Pretty good movie...dropped a couple of words so I would not recommend children watching.

This movie got me thinking about how easy it is to just let time slip by...and the value of time spent with family can be. I know I have a tendency to just get in "auto mode". Work, work,, do, do...Church especially when you are in the ministry can be like that. And then you wake up and your kids are all grown and you are like "what happened.

Ministry for a Pastor is about family first. If we keep driving forward, going from event to event then we will miss out on what is most important and perhaps lose it. Time spent is lost forever. You can never get it back. When I was a teen, I spent many years running away from my relationship with my family. I can't get that back especially now that I have my own family.

Value time, value family and above all else get out of "auto mode."

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Cory Miller said...

Jason, we watched Click this weekend as well and really enjoyed it. Good lesson on family first ... even being on a great church staff, I still need to be reminded of that!