Tuesday, October 24, 2006

5 Questions For Today's Youth Pastor

Today I start a new blog that I hope to do each week. It is a blog where I ask youth pastor's across the nation 5 questions to help us get a little incite into what they are doing.

For this first one I started with a friend of mine Josh Joines, from Victoria, TX, who is the youth pastor at Faith Family Church.

Side Note: I have a lot of respect for what Faith Family has done in building a great church. In a county of 85,000, they are a church of 3,ooo to 4,000, which is an awesome feat. That is over 4% of the county population. In the time of the mega-church, there are only a handful of churches across the nation that have reached that feat especially in small counties. I know cause I did the research project for it.

But enough about that lets get to the questions.

1. What are your details? Located, church, website, name of youth ministry, how long, etc…

Faith Family Church – Victoria, TX – http://www.faithfamilyvictoria.com/, Crossfire Youth Ministry – I have been the youth pastor for 1 year.

2. What do you see as the state of youth today?

Teens today are desperately seeking unconditional love and purpose. Bombarded with the culture’s negative messages, teens are struggling to discover their identity and purpose for living. When introduced to a powerful relationship with Christ, teens are passionately embracing the truth of God’s Word, finding the love and purpose they have been longing for, and living out their destinies. This generation will change the world!

3. What is your unique way of doing ministry? What do you focus on the most? Examples: small group, technology, dramas, worship, speaking, creative, etc….

Our youth ministry is comprised of small group environments on Sunday Morning and throughout the week with a big emphasis on our mid-week service on Wednesday night. We have a separate Junior High and a Senior High Service. Right now 350 teens are attending this midweek service. This service is student led through worship band and singers, dramas, videos we produce, and tons of multimedia and special effect lighting. God is doing an amazing work at this time in our youth ministry.

4. What kind of technology do you utilize most in your services?

As far as media goes, we utilize videos and lighting for the most part during our worship services.

5. What’s your favorite Mexican Food restaurant?

My favorite Mexican food restaurant has to be ‘El Rodeo’. It’s fast, it’s good, and it’s cheap!

Another Side Note From Me: If you're in Victoria...go to 'El Rodeo' especially for their breakfast tacos...Mad Props for them.

Great Answers Josh...Blessings to your ministry...I'm out.


Tim said...

Yeah, unconditional love and a sense of belonging are huge to students. I'm also learning that it's a big deal to parents and adults, too, only they don't go out and do questionable things in order to find it. Instead, they sit at home and deal with depression or develop various addictions.

Jason Curlee said...

Great follow up comment Tim