Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Getting Ready For Service Tonight

Well I am sitting in my office delaying writing my sermon...I think I am just trying to put the pressure on myself of getting it done at the last minute. I pretty much have it all in my head...just got to get it on paper so I can do the notes and powerpoint.

Tonight the sermon title is What's your dial-up speed? I am going to talk from Revelation where Jesus speaks to the church about being lukewarm...and then I am going to talk about how to stay or be on fire.

Taking last week off worries me cause you can lose some momentum with that even thougth we were at camp with about 1/3 of the group. But I am looking forward to service and what is in store. Things have started to go in the direction I have been seeing from the beginning. Two weeks ago we had 6 first time visitors...that is great...when I left Kingsville 6 years ago our ministry was averaging 10 first timers a I feel we are on track for now...within the next school year I hope we hit the 10-15 mark...that will keep us on track to hit our goals and more....

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