Monday, April 10, 2006

Start to a Great Day

When I was in Kingsville, I always used to go up to the church at 6:00 am to pray. I had a couple of partners who would go up there with me and we would crank up some worship music and just go after God. For a long time after I moved over to Victoria that stopped until me and Mark Longoria started praying this January.

It is the most awesome time of the day for me. It starts me out fresh and gets me ready for what is in store. It helps me to stay focused. I have a lot of people who tell me how do you pray for an hour. They think they will run out of things to pray about. Well if you get a system to follow it is rather simple and can lead to a healthy prayer time.

For example you could pray through the Lord's Prayer using each line as subject areas. Also the Prayer of Jabez is another prayer to follow and pray through. Whatever and however, starting out the day with God is the start to a GREAT DAY!!!!

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