Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Speed the Light

Monday Night I went to a Speed the Light Banquet. Speed the Light exists to assist Assemblies of God missionaries with vital evangelism equipment. It was a great banquet that showed how much churches in the district have given over the past year. It also highlighted the need for missions around the world.

The whole time I am there though all I could think about is teenagers around America. It is a huge mission field. Based on statistics only 4% of teenagers in America are Bible-based believers. That is enormous. That means 96 teenagers in 100 are potentially dying and going to hell.

Go to my "My Space" website at http://www.myspace.com/pastorjcurl and watch the video on Casualties of War. The next five years are crucial. The future of this country hinges on the next five to seven years. My whole thoughts since coming to Corpus have just been feeled with how we need to be reaching this current generation. Churches, parents, christian teens....everyone should be reaching out to this generation.

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Anonymous said...

Great video! It was incredibly convicting! Thanks!