Thursday, April 13, 2006

Service Last Night

It was so awesome. Last nights service went great. We have to tighten up a few loose ends but as a whole it was great. The song set was good especially when we went in to worship. The message hit perfect. Then the best thing of the night happened. Last week I challenged the teens to bring their friends and that we would be doing an altar call every week. Well was I did the salvation calls hands went up everywhere. We had 8 rededications and 1 first time salvation. It rocked. I was so pumped. The first time salvation was a first time visitor. Oh Yeah!!!! Heaven was doing flip-flops and so was I...(not literally). I know there will be some bumps along the way and it will get tighter with excellence. Also I need lots of people to come and lead this ministry with me. Yesterday I ran around trying to get everything done that is needed. Right now the only adult help I have is my praise team. Everyone else just comes. And then there is no parent help at the moment. I got my work cut out for me....but....I am up to the task. PRAISE GOD.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome service you must have had. Remember you can take the area one at a time. Don't think you have to rush into it. God will provide the help when they see you are there to stay.

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Pastor Jason Curlee said...

Thanks yall.....I appreciate the comments.....feel free to leave your name on there if you want so I know who's out there.