Monday, January 19, 2009

Crazy Enough

Am I crazy enough to believe that:
  • we'll have over 100 people at our prayer meeting Wednesday, Jan. 21st @ 6:30. That is more than half our Sunday attendance.
  • we'll double in size over this next series. Am I that crazy? Buckle Up 5 Points
  • marriages and relationships will be restored during this series.
  • lives will be changed during this series.
Yeah...I'm crazy enough.


DTurn said...

Yes you are!! said...

Our Church started with 25...we are over 8000 today...and it didn't take very long. About 2000 in around 8 years...counting the establishing of it in our Pastors living room. From 2000-over 8000 in 5 yrs..all with great times and hard all with your dear Love for our Lord-will grow! You are so awesome through Him-God Bless!
Hetty Siebens (Hetty4Christ)