Thursday, December 04, 2008


How do you Twitter?

Seems like there are many ways and if you ask someone you get a different answer.....SO....I'm asking you.

How do you Twitter?

Here is how I do it:
  • First, I follow lots of people. In fact, my main policy is to follow you if you follow me.
  • Second, if you don't follow me I don't follow back.
  • Third, if you quit following me I quit following you. I use a program called
  • Fourth, I tweet and start conversations as I get on about anything or with anyone that seems interesting.
  • Fifth, I tweet back to those that @reply me
  • Sixth, I go to the twitter sites of friends and people to read what went on in their day. An easy way to do that is create some bookmarks in your browser.
That's pretty much it. To follow my tweets go to

So how do you twitter?

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Deneen said...

I've never really *thought* about how I twitter.

I started out by following someone whose blog I read and who I respect. I started following people who followed him and who he follows.

Now I am following people with similar interests: church planting, human trafficking, dentistry.

I interact with people...some more than others.

Wow...I was an English major and I feel like I rambled more than answered your questions :)