Friday, December 19, 2008

The Tokbox Experiment

Well, I've actually be checking out tokbox for a week or two...I got me a profile and looked at myself on my webcam but really hadn't tried it out.


I read Todd Rhoades post today on his and so I thought "why not". How totally awesome of a time I had connecting with guys and ladies I've been twittering with and reading blogs. Not only that but got to meet some pastors in other states and hear their story. It was so awesome to hear others who were launching churches and I even got to tell our Bay Area Fellowship Multi-Site story a couple of times.

Talk about potential with this little tool. Of course I got to get Mr. Atkinson hooked up now...he is gonna love using it too connect...

So many ways to use this. I've already got a campus pastor that wants to set up a network with me using it. I could also see a prayer room, small groups, staff meetings, leadership training.

In one of my next posts I'll let you in on the details of it and how best to use it.

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