Thursday, December 18, 2008

Organizing My Thoughts

Lot of jumbled stuff up there about our I thought I would write them down.
  • Excited about doing the campus full is going to allow me to put a more creative edge on a lot of the things we are doing.
  • In the new year, I have already scheduled several quarterly leadership trainings I will do with our campus. I'm also looking at a monthly training for our department heads.
  • I've typed out several guides for the campus - one is a guide to receiving the offering and I'm in process of creating a meeting guide that will outline every element of our experiences.
  • I wrote out a leadership development plan for next year.
  • I'm really wanting to create a campus pastor network made up of pastors from different churches to learn from and bounce ideas from organization to organization. If you are interested in me.
  • I'm really a techie I'm always looking for technology to implement on the internet and for our campus. Having more time to do that will be a plus.
  • With more time it will allow me to make graphics for announcements. I'm also looking at how we could do some video announcements.
  • I'm got tons of creative ideas I want to try...almost more than I can get out on here. I think that we can add a creative edge to our campus that will be a draw for people that question the video message portion.
  • In saying that....VIDEO MESSAGES WORK....we have had 49 people documented that have prayed to begin a relationship with Christ...that is an average of two per week...that is why we started the 5 Points campus.
  • I still talk weeks in how long...probably will until after the first year...then it will be months....can't wait until we are counting by years....CRAZY!!!!
  • And, like Pastor John, my mind is racing on where our next campus will go. As soon as I got time, I'm going to begin formulating a plan....yeah...I got ideas too!
  • It is so awesome to see that our three multi-site campuses are all on the vision of launching the next campuses. As we do more and more this is just going to explode.
  • I'll be glad to connect with ministry leaders online more this next year...working at church will allow me to network in a greater way.
  • In '08 I wanted to take my blog to a new level. Becoming a principal and starting a campus kind of side tracked that. I'm pumped to be able to write in a better and more quality way. I love writing and some day have a goal to write a book...actually several.
  • Last night we were looking more at our lighting on our campus to continue to create that WOW effect. Some of it is just getting in there and working with them...we had some great cool looks last night.

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