Thursday, November 20, 2008

He's Amazing

I've been thinking over the past month of the difference from last year to this year.

One year, one month ago I was wondering what in the world my family was going to do. Asked to leave a church staff un-expectedly...launched a church only to have that fail...wondering what in the world we were going to job...deflated...unknowing.

Fast-forward and we are leading a church that last week had 192 people in attendance after it's 18th week. Have a great friend in John Atkinson...have a great multi-site team we are building....have a great group of leaders who are making it happen.

God's not just good...He's simply AMAZING!!!!!

When you are down and think your out....THINK AGAIN!!!!!


John said...

Jason this is a great testamony to our Gods greatness and goodness. Thank you so much buddy for sharing your story.

Jason Curlee said...

Thanks John...appreciate the encouragement

Larry L Hanson said...

God truly is amazing. Just when we think we are down and out, he opens another door and shows us another opportunity. He doesn't care if we our situation is a result of our own choices and/or sinfulness or others. He will use it all to grow us, prepare us, equip us and use us to be vessels of His Good News to the world.

Anonymous said...

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rosy said...

What an amazing and inspiring story..God is just AMAZING and I just wanted to share a great website that is going to inspired the whole world check it out!!! GOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!