Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fix It Or I'm Gone

Ok...well you may not care or not but let me tell you something Mr. Big Time Pastor Blogger. I don't like to subscribe to a blog via a feed reader and then have to click over to your site because you only allow a partial feed. That's why I use a feed reader. It doesn't matter how big time you are...how big your church is...nor how cool and relevant you might be.

I'm not sure why you do it. Maybe it's because your knowledge level in this area is limited. Maybe it feeds your ego to see more hits to your site. Maybe your trying to get a book deal and you need those hits. Not really sure...BUT...I've already unsubscribed...you won't get either of my hits.

Sorry...I know it probably won't bother you. You probably have plenty of people who follow you every day that you won't miss one. But I wonder if there are others like me. I wonder how many others you have lost.

Either way...I'm sure if you write something outstanding one of my other friends who I can read all of their post will probably put it on theirs and I'll be inspired. Until then...I'm out.

Ok...I'm off my soapbox.

BTW Mr. Big Time Pastor Blogger if your still reading this...you can fix this by going to your settings in feedburner or in your personal blog settings. How knows...one of these years I may check back and see if you did it.


adam mclane said...

Amen! This totally cracked me up. Full excerpts are the only way to go!

Jason Curlee said...

yeah...one of those days....I would love to read this guy...but I don't want to have to click over...bye bye