Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Answer Is Not A Black President

It's also not a white one either.

The answer to our problems is not having the first black president.

The answer to our problems is not having the first woman vice president.

It is not because one side says we need change. But change is what we need.

This may sound a little cliche. What we need to change is the apathy of the church. We need to rise up and be the church and quit playing like we are the church. We need to change the thinking in church that the answer is either with the republicans or the democrats. The reality is that for half the country either side will screw it up.

The answer is that the church needs to keep back to truly relying on Christ as the answer. We need to not get wrapped up in the hype. Both parties threw a Hail Mary and I'm positive about one thing. The Democrats are not going to turn this around...and neither are the Republicans.

Nope, neither are the answer....CHRIST IS.

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Chris said...

Amen. Preach it brother!