Monday, November 10, 2008

11-9-08 Sunday Slideshow

Here are a few pictures from this Sunday.

A View Through My Window:
  • Major coffee machine meltdown...little tip when you get new equipment you may want to do a test run not on a Sunday least we figured that out.
  • 1st Experience was most attended...great feel in there.
  • Tom Grant is doing an awesome job in our Production Area...he has taken it on and has thrown himself into learning the sound board and soon to be new lighting board as well as building a team.
  • Kids area did a messy game...they had fun...looking through the window there was a lot of energy.
  • The whole BAF Kidz area had lots of volunteers this wife has done a great job in recruiting.
  • First time I didn't follow the message with cards and offering. I had my man Juno do it and he did an excellent job. I am trying to put people in place to lead if I'm not there on a Sunday. Pretty soon I'm going to let them do a whole Sunday while I'm there.
  • We started a new series called "Experience Life Beyond Limits". We had one person that prayed to begin a relationship with Christ....PRAISE GOD!!!! Every week we see people praying this prayer.
  • We had a director meeting during the message time of our second experience. Our campus will only be as strong as the team that leads it.
  • We had five people attend our 3rd Membership Class. So far in all three we have had right between 35-40 attend them. I'm still trying to figure out how to squeeze all the info into an hour plus provide a time for food. It took us right at two hours total.
  • I'm pumped that the response to our Harvest Festival has been so great in the schools. Now I am just praying we have enough help.
  • I did my first video challenge while driving. It wasn't much of a challenge to drive and do the video...but it took me about six takes while coming home cause my camera kept stopping at one minute. When I finally figured that out I was already in my neighborhood.


Rindy Walton said...

I love the updates! Keep them coming! It's great to see the progress and what God is doing!

Jason Curlee said...

thanks Rindy...reading yalls every day as well