Friday, October 31, 2008

Servicing Our Community

Right now I'm sitting in our 5 Points Campus watching "The Incredible Hulk" on our big screen. The reason I'm here and not at school is because I'm testing out us being community service oriented.

We do not just want to be a church....we want to be a church that serves our community in any way. So I opened up our campus and brought my school out and as a church we are providing pop-corn, drinks and pizza to them.

Many schools are running so tight right now financially that they are unable to do certain things for their students. Many can't take field trips because of finances.

What we are going to do is offer our campus to schools to show movies or however they need it. This can be a great alternative to them doing something with less of a cost. Not only that but we are going to find other ways that our community can utilize our building as well.

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Great stuff, Jay!!!