Thursday, October 09, 2008

How You Vote 2

So last time I wrote on voting I asked everyone how they came to the decision to vote? one told me. SO...let me see if I can pick a nerve.

If your pastor decided the way they were going to vote was to pray and hear from God on who to vote for...and let you know who it was God told them who to vote for....and the other guy won...

What would you think????

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Anonymous said...

Im actually investigating the idea of not voting for president, or any other office held by men. Ill vote for propositions and specific issues but I am really pondering the whole system of voting in the first place... Wasn't it God's idea that our only allegiance and devotion be to Him as our only leader? It was Israel's stubbornness to be like everyone else and have a leader. I have a little post and commenting going on over at my blog.