Monday, October 13, 2008

Got Me Thinking - Tailgating

Shaun's post really got me thinking of something we could do to position our campus in the eyes of the community we are in.

How about a tailgate party at the local high school football game?

It might require a little planning but some things that could be done are:
  • Burgers & soda's for all that come by...
  • Handwavers, clappers, or thundersticks with Go "team name" and church name/address on it to give away to fans
  • Video Game Contest
  • Drawings for prizes
  • Live Music
Really....the sky's the limit. Know anyone out there that has done this????? OR What would you do at one???


Eric Herman said...

Let's do it! Only question is about a church printed thing on the school property. Will they kick of off property?

Tyler said...

What's up man. We have different people hosting all kinds of different tailgate parties at our high school games. Church name on stuff shouldn't matter at all, as long as the school is not paying for it. Businesses host and they are just advertising, so I would think a church would be no problem.

Tyler said...

On the subject of ideas. What about an inflatable for the kids to play on? Bring a portable sound system, and have school record trivia or something like it. Lots and lots of food.

Chris said...

Tailgate party. Sounds like a great idea.